The Treatment Mall at Parthenon Pavilion is a unique approach to inpatient behavioral healthcare. This patient-centered, individualized form of programming offers patients group therapy and one to one interventions during their hospitalization that aim to build the life skills needed for recovery. Each day, patients are given their own schedule of assigned groups that align with their reason for admission and goals for recovery. By individualizing their treatment experience in this way, patients are given the opportunity to learn healthy coping skills specific to their own needs, allowing them to move more effectively through their treatment during their hospital stay as well as ultimately thrive in their own communities after discharge.

The facilitators leading groups within the Treatment Mall specialize in a variety of therapeutic approaches and utilize different modalities depending on their discipline, providing patients with well-rounded care that addresses the whole person. Facilitators include:

Each facilitator on the treatment team works within their scope of practice to provide a wide range of researched and evidenced-based interventions specific to the various mental health diagnoses served by the hospital. In addition, Pet Therapy groups are offered once a week to interested patients.

The Treatment Mall is designed to take full advantage of the hospital’s facilities. Patients leave their units for programming each day and attend groups in different areas throughout the building, including classrooms, an indoor horticulture center, an outdoor courtyard and gymnasium. By taking patients off their units and providing them with individualized treatment schedules, the Treatment Mall helps promote a sense of personal motivation, agency, and ownership of one’s treatment experience, ultimately leading to a more successful recovery.

As a result, this format of programming consistently receives high patient satisfaction scores from patients upon their discharge and has been recognized as a Best Practice by The Joint Commission, an organization that accredits more than 21,000 US healthcare organizations and programs.

Parthenon Pavilion provides two distinct Treatment Malls for patient care, one for the Adult Treatment Programs and one for the Senior Treatment Program, to best meet the unique and specific needs of both populations. Within each Treatment Mall, groups are divided into different focuses or tracks that address topics and coping skills specific to different diagnoses and life situations. These group therapy tracks include:

  • Thought Disorders
  • Mood Disorders
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Trauma
  • Grief & Loss
  • Pain
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